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The main characteristics of labor education groups have
1. to create high-quality healthy learning environment :
( 1 ) engaged in the clean hands to implement the service , to develop students' punctuality, initiative , teamwork, responsible habits.
( 2 ) the implementation of after-school classroom tidy , students take the initiative to do the garbage and turn the power off after class.

2. the implementation of the concept of holistic education :
( 1 ) Education Center opened combining diverse service learning courses , guiding students attach importance to environmental greening , respect for life , willing to serve and practical ability of its core values.
( 2 ) conducting community activities net to sweep the streets and beaches , allowing students to experience the significance of learning by doing.
( 3 ) collect school students volunteer service , the establishment of labor teams.

3. Green Action Creative Broadwood :
( 1 ) apply for green energy per semester volunteer workshops, and link back to collect some fun activities resources to promote the concept of environmental protection from the campus to the family and society.
( 2 ) student after cleaning , grass collection to compost organic compost field , you can learn from the campus to the " leaves to dust , life on earth needed to take " the truth. Organization consists of a staff leader -
Cai Jinlin : overall management of the affairs of Labor Education Group , Chief Information officer - Wuwan Yu Zhuo and teaching assistants - Weng Yi Jia components.